Hey Ryan,

We are pleased beyond words! When we talked to Terry this morning we commented that we feel a lifelong bond with you guys. As devastating as this was for us financially and emotionally, you, Terry and everyone you brought to bear on our tragedy have turned us away from a nightmare and restored our faith in human nature. Our home is stronger and more beautiful than it was the day we first moved in – and that is for us nothing short of a miracle!

Terry says “this is what we do”, well in our humble opinion no one touches doing what you do anything close to as well as you do it. You have our eternal gratitude, and we will always look back on this tragedy as having a silver lining – that silver lining is you, Terry and all the wonderful, caring people you brought into our lives.

We look forward to your visit. We can say with complete certainty that you will walk into a very different place than the one you walked into that bleak October day!

Our very best wishes

Hi Ryan and Michelle,

Tom brought home the article from Michigan Home magazine, which I thought was wonderful.  Especially your business philosophy.  This is I’m sure one of the reasons we decided to use you as our builder.  Your ethics and passion came out immediately when we met you at the lot and you asked if we had already made our minds up on going with someone else. As you said, you put a great deal of time in your presentations making it clear that if we had already decided, it wasn’t fair to you.   We were both impressed!

You should be very proud of what you do and your results show your distinct talent in all of the homes we saw that you had built, before you started our project.

You are definitely to be commended on your ability, your vision, and the men that work under you.  I have never seen such quality work and the consideration shown by each of your employees made us feel very comfortable – allowing everyone to express their opinion on ideas that came up through the project.  They were also extremely helpful in explaining things and never made us feel rushed but listened to -especially my questions and ideas.

Greg is a god-send and we were so glad when we found out he would be the supervisor on the project.  Your philosophy radiates down from you to Greg and the rest of your staff and I felt I was able to know each of the men – also in a personal way, instead of just employees.

You have a wonderful gift to deal with people, Ryan – in your honesty, your listening skills and your passion for building.  You made our experience very enjoyable, even though ideas were added or changed, I never felt like it was an imposition. – they just got done!

I’m sorry I couldn’t get up with Tom but I couldn’t wait to get home and see my kids and granddaughter.

I wish you and Michelle the best of everything in the future – with your building career and your family life.  Thank-you so much for our beautiful home.  I’m anxious to see it all finished -and hopefully our other house sold!

Don’t ever change your business philosophy ,so you can keep a balance in your work and your family life. 

Please pass on my gratitude to all the guys that were a part of our home and especially to Greg – he will do nothing but grow in his ability and confidence level and that is due to you!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you – we are truly blessed to have found you!  (Thanks, Manley’s!)

Sincerely, C

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